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How to choose the best M2M provider for your business

When making any business decision it’s important to evaluate all your options; this is no different when it comes to choosing your M2M provider. The industry is growing rapidly with new applications and solutions being rolled out on a daily basis. But with additional applications and solutions come more and more M2M service providers.

It’s without doubt that it’s an exciting time to be involved in the world of M2M connectivity, but when it comes to choosing the best M2M provider for your business it can often be a tough choice. Here are some things that’s key for you to consider before making your decision:

Looking at your M2M requirements

Before even looking for an M2M provider it’s important to outline what you want to gain from your solution. You’ll need to consider data usage, security requirements, and the devices you’re trying to connect. If you’re ever unsure as to what it is that you need then any provider worth their salt will work with you to determine this.

What do you want from your M2M service provider?

Once you’ve defined your requirements it’s time to consider what you’re priorities are. For most businesses cost plays a huge part in the decision making process. This is of no surprise; after all if you’re not in it to make money, it’s not really a good business model.

There are a plethora of cheap M2M solutions on the market, and these are great for certain solutions. However, like with everything – you get what you pay for. If you’re being provided with a very cheap solution don’t expect a fantastic and access to a high-end support network. Another thing that you’re unlikely to get with a budget provider is a multi-network M2M solution.

If you’re looking for top-class service and infrastructure then naturally you’ll have to pay slightly more. In many cases the small increase in price is worth it, especially if you’re looking for a fully managed M2M solution that you can rely on.

What makes a good M2M service provider


In the event that you have some issues with your solution it’s important that you get the support you need. When looking into providers be sure to check out whether they provide both customer and technical support. Be aware that some providers may charge extra for round-the-clock support.

M2M Management Platform

If you’re looking to implement M2M on a large scale, having access to an SEM (SIM Estate Management) platform is imperative. With a top quality platform you’re able to remotely manage your whole SIM estate remotely.

SLA’s & up-time

If the data that you’ll be transferring between devices is sensitive (or critical to your business operation) then making sure you have a high-level SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place is vital. Here at InfiSIM our M2M SIM Cards operate with a 99.98% up-time, ensuring optimum connectivity at all times.


Above all the key thing that you should look for in an M2M service provider is without doubt transparency. You need to find a company that you can trust; after all they’re going to be responsible for your devices’ connectivity.

If you’re looking for an M2M provider, or simply want to chat about a potential solution then please get in touch. You can reach by calling 0333 313 5005 or visiting our contact page.