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Introducing NOVA; InfiSIM’s easy-to-use device and M2M SIM management tool.

The M2M (machine to machine) industry is concentrated with a plethora of different solutions, networks and platforms. As more IoT applications emerge across the globe, the demand for a more diverse range of connectivity solutions is growing exponentially. NOVA makes M2M SIM Management easy to stay on top of.

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Activate and deactivate SIMs

Seamlessly activate and deactivate your own SIMs in order to maximise the potential of your IoT.

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Do away with multiple M2M platforms

Gain full control over your SIMs and access them through one detailed portal, no matter what network or provider.

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Analyse data usage in real-time

See exactly which SIM cards, devices, groups, branches and more are consuming your data pool.

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M2M tariff management

NOVA provides you with full visibility of all the tariffs associated to each of your M2M SIM cards.

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Hardware and device management

Managing devices and upgrading firmware couldn’t be easier in an M2M SIM management tool.

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Manage and deploy usage alerts

NOVA will alert you with Watchdogs when you are approaching your data limit to help you avoid overspend.

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Admin management and hierarchy access

Create sub groups for different sites, branches, departments, individuals, customers and more.

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Cloud-based security profiles

Eradicate the misuse of your data by developing white/black lists for specific IP addresses and URLs.

Seamless administration of your SIMs

NOVA gives you access to your entire M2M SIM estate, regardless of whether your SIMs are active or not. Almost any feature you wish to manipulate can be controlled in this SIM management tool.

Find all the information you could possibly need about your M2M SIM cards in one central hub. Data usage, tariffs, devices, SIM status, users, organisations and more can all be viewed and managed at the click of a button.

Thanks to NOVA’s in-depth user management features, establishing customers, groups, sites, departments, branches and individuals couldn’t be easier. Don’t waste time scrolling through thousands of serial numbers to find SIM cards; simply filter your search by a vast array of criteria (including these different user types) for a faster and more efficient SIM management experience.

IoT & M2M SIM management

Device and location management

NOVA is a diverse platform that isn’t just limited to SIM management, hardware can be managed too. By assigning SIMs to specific devices, you have the ability to see which are consuming the most data. If a significant portion of your data pool is being consumed, identifying rogue devices can be achieved in seconds. Devices can also be assigned to groups or individuals, allowing you to identify if devices are being misused.

This feature also allows users to pinpoint the exact location of each individual device when pre-defined.

Unmatched control and security

Combating the misuse of data is often difficult to achieve. That’s why NOVA offers cloud-based content filters that can be applied to individual SIMs or groups of SIM cards. By defining white or black lists, NOVA users are able to permit or block specific IP addresses or URLs. This feature allows you to implement any M2M solution without compromising on system integrity and unnecessary data consumption; content filters will ultimately prevent unavoidable charges for the over usage of data.

Analysis reports for your specified white and black lists give you the ability to monitor the behaviour of your equipment and devices. Gain visibility of the URLs and IP addresses your devices are trying to access, as well as the ones they’ve already accessed. White and black lists will be refined over time as you add and remove criteria, allowing for minimum data consumption.

Protecting the data flow of your SIM estate is essential in any M2M or IoT application; that’s why multiple lists can be applied to individual SIMs or groups of SIM cards.

M2M SIM Management - Security

Watchdogs and alerts

Managing the data usage of an extensive SIM estate is near impossible. With NOVA’s Watchdogs you can rest knowing that you’ll be alerted when your SIMs are approaching their data limit, helping you avoid charges for over-usage. Bespoke watchdogs can be assigned to each individual SIM card or group of SIM cards depending on your unique requirements.

Multi-network operator compatible

NOVA is one of the most powerful and extensive M2M SIM management tools that is available today. Integration with more than 200 networks worldwide allows the platform to support the critical needs of any business looking to implement IoT. Being multi-network compatible places NOVA at a simply unmatched level when it comes to SIM management.


Accessing your data has never been easier in a SIM management platform. NOVA is a web-based tool that can be accessed on any desktop, smartphone or tablet.

View data usage reports, update SIM statuses and administrate your devices on the move as efficiently as you would in the office. And don’t worry about security; choose whether your private instance is hosted in a public or private cloud based on your business’ preferences.

NOVA M2M SIM management available on all devices

Already have SIMs out in the field?

Like the look of NOVA but already have M2M SIMs out in the field? There’s no need to settle on a restricted M2M SIM management tool. Gain full control over your existing SIMs instead. If your business requires the ability to view and report on your existing solutions, we can help you achieve this by uploading the necessary CDRs to NOVA.

Some businesses require more control over their existing SIM estates. If you’re one of these businesses, we’ll give you all the SIM management features and functionalities you need by integrating your SIMs’ radius server with NOVA.

Nortrak | InfiSIM Testimonial

GPS tracking solutions

We are so pleased to have chosen InfiSIM as our preferred IoT SIM supplier. Managing our SIMs with our devices was of paramount importance to us, and their NOVA platform has been outstanding. InfiSIM have brilliant technical support, and a friendly, responsive team delivering a great service offering. We have no hesitation in recommending InfiSIM for your connected Business!

Antony Norton | Nortrak Ltd

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