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IoT in emergency services

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Identifying hazards with IoT systems

IoT can’t stop emergencies from happening, but it can help prevent them. By identifying hazards, alerting authorities before it’s too late, and transmitting useful data for emergency services, IoT networks are supporting emergency services around the world. Rescue results have far better outcomes when they’re enhanced using IoT technology.

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Emergency services are minimising risk & improving response

IoT technology has advanced considerably over the past two decades. New innovations and implementations are allowing emergency services to lower risk factors when responding to events. Not only can risks be mitigated, but response times have improved through the effective use of IoT in emergency services.


Being prepared is the most effective way to save more lives, and IoT technology enhances preparation. IoT is commonly used in the planning stages of response, implementation of warning systems and delivery of emergency exercises, ensuring that our emergency services are prepared to respond effectively.

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When an incident occurs, it’s vital that an effective emergency response is deployed quickly and efficiently. IoT technology is allowing emergency services to reduce response times and coordinate response teams, both of which are key factors in maximising the effectiveness of disaster response.


When it comes to protecting public safety, responding to incidents and mitigating the impact of them is essential. IoT in emergency service environments enables professionals to perform in-depth vulnerability analysis, educate the public, and proactively minimise the risk of potential disasters occurring.

Keeping emergency services connected with IoT

Keeping track of police cars, ambulances and fire engines is vital when it comes to reducing response times and ensuring the safety of our emergency responders. When an incident occurs, fleet management tools enable our emergency services to identify the police units and paramedics that are available and nearby, giving them an upper hand when it comes to reacting quickly. What’s more, fleet management tools enable efficient route planning for responders, helping them to avoid highly congested roads.

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How is IoT being used in emergency services around the world?

Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, IoT technology is being used to warn against natural disasters including floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. To help prepare for these disasters, companies have developed IoT sensors and solutions to detect environmental changes. One example of this in action is Sadeem Technology. Sadeem Technology deploy sensors that accurately measure water levels on roads, regardless of whether there are high levels of traffic or not. All the data collected by these sensors is sent to the company’s ‘Urban Management Platform’, which presents It in the form of real-time forecasts and flood maps. This platform also makes suggestions to help with critical decisions such as routing traffic and evacuation plans.


When it comes to rapid response, IoT is an extremely useful integration. Deploying the tools needed to respond to incidents faster has a huge impact on public safety; reacting a few minutes late can be the difference between saving and losing a life. Indian company MyResQR have built a solution that combines health sensors with a platform that stores a user’s medical information. When someone is potentially involved in a medical emergency (for example, when an elderly person hasn’t moved for a certain amount of time) a sensor springs into action and alerts their emergency contacts or the emergency services. The emergency services then have immediate access to the person’s medical records, ensuring sufficient care is provided during the initial response.

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