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Automating the automotive industry with M2M Fleet Management

The automotive sector is a front-runner when it comes to harnessing IoT. Connected cars are the new-norm and public transport is becoming overhauled with new technologies to help increase efficiency and improve our on-the-move experience. Find out how IoT SIMs are changing the automotive and fleet management industries…

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Fleet management & telematics

IoT enables commercial fleet operators to keep track of their vehicles, giving them the tools to monitor valuable data in real-time. By deploying IoT fleet management, companies are able to reduce running costs, increase customer satisfaction and keep their drivers and cargo safe. It’s never been easier to improve vehicle and driver utilisation.

Vehicle GPS tracking devices are integral when it comes to IoT telematics as they allow companies to track the speed and location of their vehicles in real-time. Taxi companies, couriers and major transport firms all rely on GPS tracking devices to monitor and manage their fleets, ensuring they are driven safely.

Although IoT can be used to keep your drivers safe on the roads, accidents inevitably still happen. It’s important that your drivers receive urgent assistance in the event an accident or breakdown occurs. Call systems powered by IoT automatically notify the emergency or recovery services when an accident or breakdown has been detected.

InfiSIM’s non-steered multi-network roaming SIMs always connect to the strongest signal available, enabling global M2M coverage on 400+ networks across 200+ countries. This kind of M2M connectivity is perfect for global GPS tracking in the freight and transport industries.

Our M2M and IoT fleet management solutions are non-steered, meaning they always connect to the strongest signal available. Ensure your vehicles stay on the radar at all times by utilising true multi-network connectivity.

M2M connectivity
Global M2M SIM cards | InfiSIM

Connected cars

Car manufacturers are always competing with each other to develop the most appealing cars for their shared customer base. Previously this meant improving reliability and performance, but nowadays, this is pretty similar across the board. For this reason, many manufacturers are turning to technology to stay ahead of the competition. Some of these IoT features of connected cars include:

Internet on-the-move

The addition of in-vehicle Wi-Fi has allowed care manufacturers to enhance their infotainment systems. Drivers now have more information at their fingertips than ever before and passengers can connect to the internet via 4G and 5G connectivity, keeping them entertained.

Maintenance alerts

Connected cars are all about driver convenience. That’s why they utilise IoT to notify the driver of any required maintenance including upcoming service dates. By pushing these alerts to the vehicle owner, drivers will be able to stay on top of their maintenance and take their car to a garage or dealership before any further damage is done.

Stolen vehicle recovery

Losing your pride and joy to a car thief can be heart-breaking. That’s why stolen vehicle recovery solutions are becoming more popular. Find the exact location of your stolen vehicle and track the speed it is moving at in real-time.

Every IoT project is different.

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