Low power. Low frequency. Low cost.

NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT)

Guarantee reliable performance for your NB-IoT devices and access extensive coverage in even the hardest to reach places. Our NB-IoT network is the perfect solution for both small-scale and mass IoT deployments where low-power, wide range and low-frequency is key.

  • LPWAN connectivity

  • Widely supported by IoT device manufacturers

  • Deepest and furthest reach of any LPWA network

  • LTE-grade security

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NB-IoT SIM cards powered by Vodafone

Harness the power of NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) technology and deliver low-power, low-frequency and low-cost connectivity to your unique devices and applications. Our NB-IoT platform runs using Vodafone IoT SIMs, one of the strongest M2M cellular networks available.

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Harness the power of Narrowband.

Why Vodafone NB-IoT?

LTE grade security

LTE grade security comes as standard. Ensure data and network resiliency with NB-IoT on your cellular devices.

Widely supported

NB-IoT is widely supported within the industry, from chipset manufacturers to service providers.

Two-way communication

Bi-directional communication allows you to send and receive data via NB-IoT.

164dB propagation

NB-IoT provides the deepest and furthest reach of any LPWA network.

Low power consumption

NB-IoT’s low power attribute makes it perfect for connecting smart devices where battery-life is important.

Stay connected in hard-to-reach locations.

Low frequency, high penetration

NB-IoT is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology that offers low frequency connectivity for long-range communication with better penetration capabilities than 2G. Narrowband IoT is designed to keep your devices connected in hard-to-reach places such as underground locations and deep urban infrastructure, meaning it is very effective for solutions such as vehicle and asset tracking in underground car parks.

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) by InfiSIM

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LPWAN technology

LPWA networks communicate wirelessly over long distances whilst maintaining low power consumption. Due to its wide signal coverage and maximised energy-efficiency, LPWAN is shaping the future of IoT connectivity. In fact, the number of devices connected via LPWAN is increasing at a rate of 109% each year.

  • LPWAN devices have an incredible battery lifetime, in fact they can run on batteries for 10 years+ without a single charge

  • Receive long-range connectivity, even in underground locations such as car parks and basements
  • LPWAN is low-bandwidth – most applications only require a few bytes per day

Leading LPWAN connectivity.

How does NB-IoT stack up against the competition?

NB-IoT technology utilises the licensed spectrum for device connectivity, meaning it comes with the security features used by MNOs. Competitors of NB-IoT, Sigfox and LoRaWAN, use the unlicensed spectrum where interference and security vulnerabilities are much more likely to occur, limiting the quality of service. NB-IoT gives you peace of mind when it comes to network and data security.

Feature Sigfox LoRaWAN NB-IoT
Coverage 160dB 157dB 164dB
Technology Proprietary Proprietary Open LTE
Spectrum Unlicensed Unlicensed Licensed (LTE/any)
Downlink data rate  <0.1 kbps <10 kbps 0.5-200 kbps
Uplink data rate <0.1 kbps <10 kbps 0.3-180 kbps
Battery life (200b/day) 10+ years 10+ years 15+ years
Security Low Low Very high

Use cases of NB-IoT.

What applications of NB-IoT are currently available?

Vodafone NB-IoT offers cost-efficient and effective connectivity for a vast range of IoT solutions and applications. If your IoT devices span a wide geographical radius or need to operate in remote areas, and your data and energy consumption is low, NB-IoT could be the perfect choice for you. Here are just a few examples of how Narrowband IoT is currently being used…

IoT in smart cities

Urban applications

Street lighting, Smart waste, Smart transport, Road traffic monitoring, Smart parking, Infrastructure sensors

IoT in GPS trackers


Pet tracking, Asset tracking, Location security, Smart metering

Industrial applications - Warehouse management


Warehouse monitoring, Safety and security (inc. fire safety), Wear monitoring

IoT in Agriculture Thumbnail

Farming & agriculture

Animal welfare monitoring, Crop monitoring, Animal tracking, Soil monitoring

IoT in healthcare

Science & healthcare

Smart laboratories, Asset tracking, Drug delivery, Wearables & remote patient monitoring

M2M & IoT in retail


Smart stores, Connected cabinets, Smart shelves

Bespoke M2M connectivity solutions.

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IoT & M2M SIM Cards by InfiSIM

M2M connectivity

Thanks to the industry-leading infrastructure which supports all of our IoT solutions, our M2M communications are both completely reliable and totally secure. In fact, our M2M infrastructure boasts connectivity up-time of over 99.89%. So you can guarantee your IoT-connected devices will always be communicating…

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The M2M industry is concentrated with a plethora of different solutions, networks and platforms. As more IoT applications emerge across the globe, the demand for a more diverse range of connectivity solutions is growing exponentially. NOVA makes SIM Management easy to stay on top of.

Developing fast.

NB-IoT is backed by leading names in IoT

There are over 140 mobile network operators (MNOs) in 70+ countries investing in NB-IoT connectivity. 90 of those operators have launched NB-IoT networks in 50+ countries, and this is expected to increase as demand for NB-IoT continues to grow across the world. At InfiSIM, we’re supporting the development of NB-IoT and are supporting any business looking to deploy this LPWAN connectivity option.


NB-IoT stands for Narrowband Internet of Things.

An NB-IoT device is any kind of IoT device that utilises narrowband technology to connect to the internet.

NB-IoT is a wireless 3GPP technology that uses low frequency to deliver connectivity to your NB-IoT enabled devices. It is an alternative to traditional 2G, 3g, 4G and 5G technologies.

Yes. In order to deploy narrowband IoT connectivity, your hardware must have a SIM slot or have an NB-IoT SIM built into the device.

NB-IoT connectivity has been recorded to cover up to nearly 15km. And due to it’s highly penetrative connectivity properties, similar distances can be expected in built up areas.