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IoT GPS trackers use internet connectivity and a satellite-based radionavigation system known as the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person or asset. When an IoT GPS tracker is deployed, location information is transmitted via cellular or satellite networks to a remote server, where it can be accessed in real-time through a web-based interface or mobile app.

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IoT GPS tracker key features

InfiSIM tick Real-time tracking

Identify the location of your assets at any given time, in real-time.

InfiSIM tick Geofencing

Set up virtual boundaries and be alerted when an asset enters or leaves a designated area.

InfiSIM tick Historical data reporting

View last the known locations of your assets and monitor route stats including speed and distance travelled.

Who can benefit from GPS trackers?

IoT GPS trackers are commonly used by businesses to track the location of company vehicles and for the real-time monitoring of employee movements. They’re also widely used by parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts, and by the consumer market for tracking everyday items such as keys and wallets. IoT GPS trackers can also be used for personal safety and security, especially when it comes to elderly or vulnerable people. Health tracking, luggage tracking and even pet tracking are also very common use cases for IoT-connected GPS trackers.

Types and use cases of GPS trackers

IoT item trackers are devices that use the Internet of Things (IoT) to help you keep track of your belongings. These devices are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to attach to items such as keys, wallets, backpacks, and more. They use GPS technology to provide real-time location information, allowing people to find their misplaced or stolen items at the glance of an app.

Like other enthusiasts in the sports and fitness industry, many cyclists are keen to keep track of their performance stats so that they can monitor how they are improving over time. IoT GPS trackers and IoT sensors are being used to deliver key metrics to cyclists, including average speed, distance travelled, and elevation gain etc.

Trackers also play a very important role when it comes to the security of your bike. Not only are bicycles very popular on the second-hand market, but they can be very valuable assets. Unfortunately, this makes them a very sought after item by thieves. By equipping your bike with an IoT GPS tracker, you will have peace of mind knowing exactly where it has gone if the worst should happen and it gets stolen.

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly and cost-effective form of transportation. However, electric bikes require regular maintenance to ensure they remain safe and reliable. This can be a challenge for bike owners, especially if they don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves.

Fortunately, IoT GPS trackers help to simplify electric bike maintenance. By installing a tracker on your electric bike, you will have full visibility of performance stats including mileage and average speed. Analysing this data will allow you to schedule maintenance accordingly.

IoT GPS trackers are becoming increasingly popular for monitoring the location of our pets. Pet trackers allow owners to keep track of where their furry companions are residing, providing peace of mind that they are safe and secure.

The most common type of GPS pet tracker is a collar-mounted device. This device typically contains a GPS receiver, an accelerometer, and a cellular connection. The GPS receiver allows the device to track the pet’s location, while the accelerometer can detect any sudden movements or changes in speed. M2M SIM cards allow the device to transmit this data back to a smartphone app or web portal where it can be accessed by the owner.

Asset tracking solutions with IoT

Asset tracking technology has significantly advanced thanks to the development of IoT. IoT GPS trackers are not only used to track small assets, they can also be equipped to larger, more valuable assets too. This includes vehicles, containers, and other heavy machinery and equipment. What’s more, they can be used for both short-term and long-term asset tracking, allowing businesses to keep tabs on their assets in real-time.

Trackers for fleet management are helping logistics and fleet companies to scale their operations whilst having full visibility of the status of each and every truck in the fleet.

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