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IoT in EPOS & payment solutions

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(EPOS) Point of Sale IoT solutions

Our M2M SIMs can be installed in EPOS devices, enabling you to scale your customer-facing business with reliable payment connectivity solutions. Rest knowing that when the time comes, you’ll have the infrastructure in place to take credit and debit transactions safely, securely and effectively.

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Benefits of using InfiSIM’s EPOS IoT connectivity solutions

InfiSIM’s EPOS SIMs have a wide range of retail applications and are a fantastic, reliable solution for you to take payments over cellular data, whether that’s on the sales floor, in a park at a festival, or even for servicing food during events.

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Reliable connectivity

Our EPOS IoT connectivity solutions are incredibly reliable – something that is vital when taking payments or conducting financial transactions.

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Increase revenue

With consistent and secure IoT connectivity, you’ll experience much improved resilience to payment failure. Ensure that when your customer is ready to buy, you’re ready to take payment and maintain customer satisfaction.

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Easy & flexible installation

Because your EPOS device is connected via IoT, your payment solution isn’t restricted to one specific location due to wires. Install your terminal wherever best suits your needs and have the freedom and flexibility to move it whenever you require to do so.

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Straightforward management

IoT SIM management is easy with our NOVA platform. NOVA allows you to activate and deactivate SIMs in real time, analyse real time data usage, implement usage alerts, manage devices and much, much more. Learn more about NOVA M2M SIM management.

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Scaling has never been so seamless

When you’re ready to scale and implement new point of sale terminals across your new and existing locations, deploying more EPOS M2M SIMs couldn’t be more simple. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll ship your preconfigured SIMs directly to you, wherever you are in the world.

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Our IoT SIMs have unmatched control and security, so you can be sure that your data is protected and manageable in NOVA, allowing you to rest knowing your data is secure in all your point of sale systems.

Remote IoT payment solutions

Whether you’re utilising an EPOS system in a retail park, shopping centre, restaurant or even out on the road in a remote location, our IoT connectivity for payment solutions ensures that your system reliably connects to the best network, delivering dependable POS connectivity.

How IoT is changing the retail industry

IoT in retail not only enables businesses to grow and scale through IoT-enabled point of sale terminals, it allows the monitoring and management of other business operations such as delivery route optimisation and data management. Implementing IoT connectivity can radically transform your retail operations, allowing you to take payments quickly and securely and providing valuable retail insights.

POS failover

If your store suffers from poor signal, your electronic point of sale devices may struggle to connect, resulting in lost sales. InfiSIM’s M2M SIM cards for EPOS solutions act as a failover system, providing backup multi-network connectivity. Our non-steered roaming SIMs ensure your payment devices are open to connecting to the best network available in your area. So if you lose signal on one network, your EPOS solution will automatically connect to the next available network, maximising reliability and up-time.

How to get started with your EPOS IoT deployment

Book a free no obligation consultation with one of our M2M SIM experts. We’ll talk you through every detail and even provide you with a free 30-day trial so you can experience how good our IoT SIMs are. After initial deployment, we’ll help you scale to meet your business objectives.