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Fixed IP SIM cards

Fixed IP SIM cards, otherwise known as dedicated or static IP SIMs, give business users remote access to their IoT and M2M devices. Our fixed IP SIM packages boast vast coverage thanks to multi-operator connectivity, supported by hundreds of mobile network operators worldwide.

  • Access your devices remotely

  • Our fixed IP SIMs are protected by a private APN

  • Unsteered multi-network roaming

  • Aggregated data across your SIM estate

  • IoT SIM management

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Fixed IP SIM cards

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Secure & reliable two-way communication.

Solve technical problems with fixed IP SIMs

If you require secure and reliable two-way communications as part of your M2M solution, you may require a fixed IP SIM card. We can provision our SIM cards with static/fixed IP addresses, to allow for greater visibility and control over your connected devices, with complete end-to-end security and encryption.

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Greater visibility & control.

Why is a fixed IP address important for M2M?

A sim with a fixed IP address allows for secure and reliable two-way communications. That means that you don’t need to wait for your IoT-connected device to send its data, you can remotely access the device and retrieve the information you need. This information can be collected securely, no matter where you are.

Fixed IP SIM cards guarantee you greater visibility and control over your connected devices, with complete end-to-end security and encryption. In contrast, standard mobile SIMs are provisioned by the networks with dynamic IP addresses – these change every time the mobile connects to the network, so you can’t rely on being able to access the devices at any time.

This functionality is hugely important for certain applications of M2M communications, and it’s only available when using a SIM with a static or fixed IP address.

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Benefits of fixed IP SIM cards

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Remote access

Fixed IP connectivity ensures that your IoT devices can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It’s never been easier to manage your IoT solutions remotely.

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Secure connectivity

All of our fixed IP SIMs come with a private APN to ensure that your IoT deployments can’t be accessed from outside your network. Guarantee secure connectivity at all times.

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Our fixed IP SIMs are multi-network compatible. Roam the networks on a non-steered basis and ensure you are connected to the strongest network available.

How are our fixed IP SIMs being used?

Fixed IP SIM applications

Fixed IP SIM cards are a cornerstone of IoT connectivity, enabling a myriad of applications across a wide range of sectors. They provide consistent, reliable, and secure communication, facilitating remote monitoring, control, and data transmission. As the IoT landscape evolves, the versatility and utility of fixed IP SIM cards continue to drive innovation and efficiency, making them an indispensable component in the digital age.

Fixed IP SIM cards are often used to maintain real-time visibility across fleets and assets in transit. Applications include geo-tracking, ambient sensors for controlling temperature and humidity, and monitoring operational efficiency.

M2M & IoT in retail

In automated point of sale (POS) systems, fixed IP SIM cards facilitate reliable, two-way communications to handle secure payment and tasks such as stock tracking and dynamic pricing adjustments.

Security monitoring

For wireless CCTV solutions, fixed IP SIMs make it easier for businesses to monitor and manage cameras over the internet, enabling users to live-stream and view footage from scattered locations.

IoT in healthcare

In the medical field, fixed IP SIM cards can be used in remote patient monitoring devices. These mobile devices can transmit patient data in real-time to healthcare professionals, allowing for timely intervention and improved patient outcomes.

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Fixed IP SIMs deliver the connectivity required for smart farming devices to monitor weather conditions, soil quality, and crop growth. This data can be used to make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilisation, and harvesting, leading to increased crop yield and reduced waste.

Fixed IP SIM cards can be used in devices that monitor environmental conditions such as air quality, water quality, and wildlife activity. This can provide valuable data for environmental conservation efforts and helps protect individuals on construction sites.

IoT in the energy sector

In the energy sector, fixed IP SIM cards can be used in smart meters that provide real-time information about energy usage. This allows for better energy management and can help reduce energy consumption.

IoT in manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, fixed IP SIM cards can be used in machines and equipment to monitor performance and predict maintenance needs. This can help reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

IoT in smart homes

In smart homes, fixed IP SIM cards can be used in various smart devices like thermostats, security systems, and appliances. These devices can be controlled remotely, providing convenience and improved home security.

IoT in the fleet management & automotive sector

In the automotive industry, fixed IP SIM cards can be used in connected cars for features like real-time navigation, vehicle tracking, and telematics. This can improve vehicle safety and provide a better driving experience.

IoT in smart cities

Fixed IP SIMs can be used in various smart city applications, such as smart lighting or waste management systems. These systems can be controlled and monitored remotely, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

A solution for every project.

Fixed IP SIMs come in all shapes & sizes

Our fixed IP SIM cards are suitable for any IoT project. They are available in 2FF, 3FF, 4FF and MFF2 form factors. If you require a more robust SIM card connectivity solution, we also provide industrial grade staticIP SIMs. For more information about our fixed IP SIM packages, talk to one of our specialists.

Feature Standard SIM Micro SIM Nano SIM Embedded SIM
Form factor 2FF 3FF 4FF MFF2
Dimensions 25mm x 15mm 15mm x 12mm 12.3mm x 8.8mm 6mm x 5mm
Operational temperature -25°C to +85°C -25°C to +85°C -25°C to +85°C -25°C to +85°C
Endurance (write/erase cycles) Min 500,000 Min 500,000 Min 500,000 Min 500,000
Data retention time 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
Flash memory 64K 64K 64K 128K
Vibration standard No No No No
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“We are so pleased to have chosen InfiSIM as our preferred IoT SIM supplier. Managing our SIMs with our devices was of paramount importance to us, and their NOVA platform has been outstanding. InfiSIM have brilliant technical support, and a friendly, responsive team delivering a great service offering. We have no hesitation in recommending InfiSIM for your connected Business!”

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NOVA, our M2M SIM management platform allows you to manage your IoT infrastructure at your own convenience, from anywhere in the world. Get a birds eye view of your entire fixed IP SIM estate and stay in control of your IoT connections.

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Whether you’re looking to deploy a couple of fixed IP SIMs or thousands, InfiSIM has the expertise and experience to deliver a reliable and cost-effective static M2M SIM rollout. Get started with your free trial today.

Common questions.

Fixed IP SIM cards | FAQs

Public fixed IP SIM vs private fixed IP SIM

Most SIMs connect using the public network. This means that a public IP address is used to connect to the internet, making your data more susceptible to being intercepted by cyber criminals. By utilising a private IP address, your SIM cards will connect to the internet via a private network. This means that your data will remain within your business’ network and away from the public eye, protecting your devices from being accessed and abused by cyber criminals.

Fixed IP SIMs are exactly the same as static IP SIMs. Most IoT connectivity providers use these terms interchangeably, so don’t be alarmed if you hear one rather than the other.

Unlike fixed IP addresses, dynamic IP addresses are temporary. When a device connects to a network, an IP address is pulled from a pool of IP addresses and assigned to that device. Once a session has ended, these IP addresses are put back in the pool and your device will be assigned with another IP address next time it connects.

Fixed IP addresses are permanent IP addresses that never change. These are widely used within the IoT industry to enable the remote management of devices. Although dynamic IP solutions are often more cost-effective than deploying static IPs, they don’t come with some of the key benefits required by many IoT solutions.

Fixed IP SIM cards tend to be a little more expensive than standard M2M connections. However, they come with some key benefits that can only be achieved with a fixed IP address or an IPsec VPN.

The cost of your fixed IP solution is dependent on a number of factors, including the quantity of SIM cards you require, how much data you require, and where in the world you require connectivity. For this reason, we tailor all of our pricing for our fixed IP solutions to meet the unique requirements of your project. This way we are able to provide the most effective and cost-efficient solution to your business.

Fixed IP addresses are actually less secure than dynamic IP addresses when used over the public internet. This is because dynamic IP addresses constantly change, making it much harder for hackers to get hold of. However, when combined with a private APN, fixed IP addresses become much more secure as they can’t be seen externally from your network.

Futureproof your connectivity.

How is the 2G & 3G sunset affecting fixed IP connectivity solutions?

All 2G and 3G networks around the world are being terminated to make way for newer 5G technologies. It’s important that your fixed IP SIM card deployments utilise future-proof connectivity protocols in order to avoid unscheduled downtime and additional costs for replacement services.

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InfiSIM | The Best Fixed IP SIM card provider

Thanks to the industry-leading infrastructure which supports all our IoT solutions, our M2M communications are completely reliable and secure. In fact, our static IP address SIM card services boast reliable connectivity, with over 99% uptime, so you can guarantee that your IoT-connected devices will always be operational and communicating. And with an InfiSIM free trial now available, there’s never been a better time to kickstart your journey into IoT.

The M2M industry is saturated with a range of different wireless solutions, networks and platforms. As more IoT applications emerge across the globe, the demand for a more diverse range of connectivity solutions is growing exponentially. NOVA, our M2M SIM management platform, makes this easy to stay on top of while delivering simple cost control.