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M2M SIM cards

Our Machine to Machine SIM Cards are utilised across the globe in a wide range of applications, from IoT in healthcare to smart energy solutions. Our cost-effective IoT connectivity solutions are designed to help you deploy and manage all of your connected devices reliably and seamlessly.

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M2M SIM cards by InfiSIM

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IoT adoption is at an all time high. Thanks to our extensive portfolio of M2M SIM cards and solutions, we’re leading the way when it comes to IoT connectivity and connected devices. So if you require secure two-way communication, over-the-air (OTA) SIM activation, LPWAN connectivity or multi-network capabilities, we have your business covered. And if you’re looking for more control, combine your InfiSIM solution with our advanced M2M SIM management platform, NOVA, for full visibility of your SIM estate.

M2M stands for Machine to Machine communication and it is the direct connection between two or more devices. There are endless applications of M2M technology, including payment terminals, pet tracking, smart street lighting, and many, many more.

Modern Machine to Machine communication has evolved into a system of networks in which data is traversed between devices. Information is sent from one device (or machine) via a central hub, before it reaches another device such as a mobile or computer. By traversing data between devices in this way, we are able to automate tasks and manage our operations remotely, increasing productivity.

Over the past 2 decades, mobile networks have expanded around the globe and the speed of M2M connectivity has greatly increased. This has worked hand-in-hand with the rapid growth of IoT technologies that provide remote, fast solutions to end-user issues.

M2M SIM cards enable IoT devices (smart devices) to communicate with one another and traverse data across multiple networks, allowing businesses to scale their operations in a cost-effective way. From vehicle tracking to remote sensors and medical devices, M2M SIM cards are connecting the world of IoT.

M2M SIMs provide the connectivity required to automate processes. When we want two or more devices to communicate, they must do so using a data connection. In most cases it wouldn’t be wise to utilise a standard mobile SIM as this form of connection doesn’t provide the critical functionalities that IoT SIM cards provide.

All M2M solutions require an end-device that collects data (usually via a sensor or tracker), some form of connectivity to traverse the data, and another machine that receives this data. Once your second machine has received the data, it is either interpreted by software, people or the device itself, or it is relayed onto another machine.

A good example of M2M in the real-world would be a smart fridge. Smart fridges use sensors to analyse the contents of your fridge and ensure that you never forget to restock. When you are running low on a specific item, the fridge will add it to a virtual shopping list which will be automatically sent to your smartphone. In this situation, the data being traversed is related to the items on your virtual shopping list. Similarly, your smart fridge can analyse increases in temperature. If it detects a sudden rise, it will send the temperature data to your smartphone in the form of an alert. This way you can react and ensure that your fridge is closed properly.

Most M2M systems are usually made up of some or all of the following:

  • Sensors
  • Wi-Fi or mobile communications link
  • RFID (radio frequency identification) or NFC (near-field communication)
  • Computing software that helps a device make informed decisions

All M2M solutions require some form of connectivity to operate. Although some wired connections are considered to be M2M connections, most are wireless.

M2M SIM cards allow your machines to connect via the mobile networks. This enables you to deploy your devices anywhere in the world where there is cellular connectivity. For this reason, connecting your machines via the mobile networks is the most popular method of deploying an M2M solution. Solutions such as fleet tracking, digital motorway signage and remote CCTV etc. simply wouldn’t work without a mobile network connection.

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Benefits of M2M SIM cards

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We provide non-steered multi-network SIMs. This means your IoT devices will always be open to connecting to the strongest network in your area.

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Industrial M2M SIMs can operate and deliver reliable performance under the harshest of environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures.

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Deploying M2M SIM cards can be a very cost-effective option for your business. Allow your operations to run more efficiently and make significant savings.

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Remote maintenance

Our IoT SIM cards can be maintained, diagnosed and updated remotely thanks to OTA technology. Reduce engineer callouts with InfiSIM.

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We are the M2M experts.

Why choose InfiSIM for you M2M SIM cards?

We are recognised experts in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and connectivity. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation and deployment of M2M SIMs that connect devices and machines.

Our team of experts understand the intricacies of M2M deployment, including the protocols, standards, and technologies involved. We are able to leverage this knowledge to develop custom solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Whether it is connected IoT healthcare, industry 4.0, smart cities or anything else, we have the experience and expertise to help organisations improve their operations and drive growth through M2M communication. With a focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, InfiSIM is a leading M2M solutions provider and a trusted partner for businesses looking to leverage this powerful technology.

There are a wide range of industries taking advantage of IoT SIMs. Find our more about how businesses are utilising IoT connectivity to make their processes and operations more efficient.

Protect your business.

M2M SIM security

IoT Security is of the utmost importance when it comes to reducing the risk of your IoT devices being compromised. A private APN can be used to enable the secure M2M connection of provisioned IoT devices to your corporate network. By preventing your IoT infrastructure from being exposed to the entire public internet, you can rest assured that your vulnerability is kept to a minimum.

An IPSec VPN can also be applied to your M2M deployment in order to link two private networks over the public internet. The IPSec VPN does this securely by encrypting and authenticating all of the traffic being passed through the tunnel. Talk to our team to find out how InfiSIM can help maximise the security of your IoT solutions.

Know the difference.

Steered vs non-steered M2M SIMs for your IoT devices

Unsteered or non-steered SIMs are multi-network SIM cards that are open to connecting to multiple networks whilst prioritising the one with the strongest signal. They are different to steered multi-network SIMs which are programmed to default to a parent network, even if a stronger network is available. At InfiSIM, all of our multi-network M2M solutions are unsteered.

If international connectivity is critical to your business operations, look no further than our multi-network International M2M SIM cards. Our unsteered multi-carrier SIMs are open to connecting to the strongest network available and can provide connectivity in more than 200 countries via 400+ cellular networks. So if you have an upcoming IoT project for 100, 1000 or 10000+ M2M SIM cards and you require uninterrupted connectivity abroad, we’ll work with you to build the most effective and cost-efficient solution for your deployment.

As a UK-based M2M connectivity provider, we cover all of the major networks within the United Kingdom. What’s more, our multi-network solutions are non-steered, meaning they will never default to a parent network. In fact, we can guarantee that your multi-network SIMs will always be open to connecting to the strongest network available in your area, increasing the reliability and performance of your IoT applications. All of our UK M2M SIMs can be viewed and managed in our industry-leading M2M connectivity management platform, NOVA.

Any size for any IoT application.

M2M SIMs come in multiple sizes

2FF SIM card

Mini SIM (2FF)

2FF is the most frequent size of M2M SIM that is used. It can frequently be found in large white goods, payment terminals and vehicles.

3FF SIM card

Micro SIM (3FF)

Micro SIMs are approximately 50% of the size of the 2FF SIMs. These are frequently found in mobile devices, smart watches and other wearable tech.

Nano SIM (4FF)

4FF is the smallest removable M2M SIM you can use. These are usually found in tiny devices that require small components.

Embedded SIM (MFF2)

Embedded SIM cards are non-removable components that are soldered to the circuit board of a device. These are often deployed in scenarios where manufacturers want to prevent end-users from accessing their SIM cards. eUICC SIMs are often delivered in this form factor, giving manufacturers and/or end-users the ability to provision SIMs remotely OTA (over the air).

The 2G & 3G sunset is happening all over the world. Download our definitive guide to the 2G & 3G sunset to find out how your IoT services could be affected and what you can do to lessen the impact on your business.

“We are market leaders in the manufacturing of mechanised forestry equipment. These machines run complex control systems for real time decision making during the processing of each tree and to collect vast amounts of sensor data related to machine performance. Machines are deployed to the most remote areas of the UK usually for several months at a time.

This presented a problem for our telematics software connections used for remote support sessions and general data traffic to and from our servers. We trialled several solutions with other suppliers with very little success due to reliability and stability of the products offered.

I researched and found InfiSIM who couldn’t have been more helpful. Their knowledge about their product was very impressive and gave me the confidence to authorise a few trials. We were receiving data from our machines when we couldn’t even get a proper phone signal. Perfect!

We now have over 100 machines running our telematics software and we often receive compliments that we are now also the market leaders in the telematics within our industry. This wouldn’t have been possible without the InfiSIM product.

Our InfiSIM products are monitored through NOVA. This system is brilliant and saves huge amounts of time managing the SIMs.”

John Geddes | Komatsu Forest Ltd

Explore endless possibilities.

More M2M SIM card solutions by InfiSIM

Fixed IP SIM Cards | InfiSIM

Our M2M SIM cards can be provisioned with static IP addresses to enable secure two-way communication, which is essential for many IoT projects to work effectively. These fixed IP SIM cards allow for enhanced visibility and control of your devices whilst enabling end-to-end security and encryption. We also provide enhanced security features via IPsec VPN technology, if required.

Vodafone M2M SIM cards | InfiSIM

Vodafone have collated 25 years of expertise within the IoT industry, deploying more than 68 million connections globally. Their reputation as market leaders sets the bar for other mobile network operators (MNOs) and positions them at the top of the IoT tree. At InfiSIM we’re always looking to enhance our M2M service offering, that’s why we’re proud to partner with Vodafone, delivering IoT solutions to businesses globally.

eSIM is available in 2FF,3FF, 4FF and MFF2 form factors

eSIM is the future of IoT connectivity. Otherwise known as eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card), eSIM provides your business with the ability to manage the roll out of your M2M solution over-the-air (OTA). eSIM provides you with the flexibility to add multiple SIM profiles to a single device, giving you multiple connectivity options to use at your disposal. If you want to change network operator in line with your alternative SIM profile, simply switch as and when you need to. This is particularly effective if your IoT devices move from one country to another.

M2M SIM Management | InfiSIM

If you’re gearing up for an M2M SIM card deployment, visibility and control is paramount (especially if you have hundreds or thousands of SIMs). NOVA IoT platform puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you access to your entire SIM estate. Seamlessly administrate your SIMs, analyse data in real-time, apply cloud-based security profiles, manage and deploy usage alerts and more. Almost any feature you wish to view or make changes to can be controlled in our leading M2M SIM management and connectivity platform, giving our SIMs the competitive advantage.

Low power. Low frequency. Low cost.

NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT)

Low-power, low-cost connectivity has taken the IoT market by storm. Thanks to its highly penetrative properties and lengthy lifespan, NB-IoT is the perfect solution for underground and hard-to-reach places. If you have a project in deep urban infrastructure and are struggling for connectivity, you should consider NB-IoT, the pinnacle of LPWAN technology.

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) by InfiSIM

Simple to deploy.

How to get started with M2M SIM cards

InfiSIM number 1

Identify your requirements

Work out your overall needs for the project and identify the connectivity requirements of your IoT devices. You may need your SIMs to function and work consistently in extreme conditions, or you might find that an aggregated data solution is more cost-effective for your business etc.

InfiSIM number 2

Setup & trial your M2M SIM cards

Once you understand your requirements you may want to discuss a trial with your M2M SIM Card provider to test their compatibility with your devices. A trial will allow you to make sure that you’re happy with the performance and reliability of your new M2M SIMs before deploying them in bulk.

InfiSIM number 3

Deployment & roll out of your IoT solution

Once you’ve tested out a small trial deployment and you’re happy with your connectivity, you’ll want to roll out your M2M SIMs right away. If you have project deadlines that you need to meet, delays to this process can end up costing you money. At InfiSIM, our deployment is quick and effective.

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Monitor your M2M connectivity

Use our industry-leading M2M SIM management platform, NOVA, to monitor your M2M deployments and make sure that they’re working as expected. NOVA provides you with all the information you require in order to make informed decisions regarding your data and connectivity.

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Maintenance & alerts

It’s important that your IoT deployments continue to work in the long term. Alerts can be set up in NOVA to notify you when a specific device (or group of devices) has reached a certain data threshold. This information allows you to take action before a SIM overuses data and gets barred.

Don’t settle for second best.

Choose the best M2M SIM card provider for you

Every business is unique and has different requirements. It’s important that you make the right decision for your business and choose a provider that compliments your operations.

InfiSIM are M2M Sim experts

We’ve been operating in the M2M Communication space for over 5 years, across multiple industries with incredible network coverage globally. Whatever challenges you’re looking to overcome we can support you and your implementation. NOVA, our connectivity management platform will allow you to monitor all of your IoT devices at your convenience, giving you total control to manage thousands of devices. Get in touch with InfiSIM for all your connectivity solutions.

Simple to deploy.

Are M2M SIM cards the only way to connect my devices?

M2M SIM cards aren’t the only way to connect your IoT devices. Other technologies such as LPWAN (low powered wide area network) allow you to connect your devices whilst maintaining low power consumption. However, in order to deploy LPWAN across your IoT applications, you’ll need specific or tailor-made hardware. If your hardware is LPWAN compatible, you could benefit from discussing your options with our team of connectivity specialists.

M2M SIM cards are the most widely used form of connectivity in the IoT market for a very good reason; they give you the flexibility to manage your own solution and deploy M2M connections cost-effectively.

Are you interested in our IoT connectivity solutions? Contact our team to start taking advantage of tomorrow’s technology, today.

Designed for a wide range of applications.

Where is M2M technology used?

  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Traffic control
  • Robotics
  • Billing
  • Security
  • Automotive
  • Remote monitoring