Smart shopping with IoT.

IoT in retail

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Retail IoT Solutions creating smart retail

The retail industry is harnessing the power of IoT to learn about customer trends and to enhance the overall shopping experience. IoT connectivity enables retailers to develop in-store engagement, analyse buying habits, monitor footfall, and to maximise supply chain efficiency.

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Enhance the smart shopping experience with IoT

As technology has developed over the years, the number of shoppers migrating from high street to online retailers has increased exponentially. In many cases, this has put strain on walk-in stores, and many people are now talking about “the death of the high street”. Fortunately, developments in IoT are allowing us to synergise the digital and physical entities of retail, helping businesses meet the diverse expectations of all their customers.

Digital signage

Digital signage, powered by M2M

Good quality advertising makes the difference between generating new business and losing customers to your competition. Equipping your digital signage with IoT SIM cards gives you the ability to update your digital advertisements automatically and/or remotely depending on the time of day, the weather outside, the contents of your customers’ online shopping baskets and more. By applying a more personal touch to digital signage, many retailers have seen the number of repeat buyers increase by more than 30%.

IoT-connected devices

IoT is changing how retailers deliver top-notch customer service. IoT-connected tablets and other handheld devices allow staff to assist customers anywhere on the shop floor, with access to real-time data on stock availability, upcoming offers, customer shopping history and on-the-spot payments. Some clothing shops are even deploying IoT-enabled smart mirrors that allow customers to request different sizes, colours or accessories on screen, once again making their experience more unique and engaging.

IoT payment solutions creating smart retail

Taking payment is a part of every transaction, but this can be difficult in hard-to-reach places where a wired solution isn’t possible. By equipping your IoT EPOS system or payment terminals with multi-network M2M SIM cards, you can guarantee that you are always connected to the strongest network connection in your area. Slow transactions and resorting to cash due to being unable to take digital payments are things of the past thanks to IoT. Find the perfect connectivity option for your payment solution…

IoT payment solutions

Streamlining the supply chain with IoT

IoT asset tracking solutions allow businesses to monitor their stock in real-time, giving them the ability to pinpoint the location of specific assets in transit, and allowing employees to check stock availability instantaneously. IoT asset management and protection not only increases the efficiency of supply chains in retail, it reduces the risk of shrinkage and damage of goods too. Thieves are deterred and the likelihood of recovering stock is increased.

Automating the supply chain doesn’t stop at asset tracking. Connected cabinets and vending machines can be equipped with sensors and connectivity to monitor stock levels and analyse storage conditions. By alerting staff when your shelves need to be restocked or if your goods aren’t being stored at their optimum temperature, you can ensure that your shelves remain full and fewer goods go to waste. This data can also be used to monitor customer behaviour and buying habits. Connected cabinets are particularly beneficial in shops selling food or pharmaceuticals.

Understanding customer trends

IoT-enabled cameras and sensors are being used in the retail industry to monitor footfall in stores, in real-time. Tracking and monitoring the number of customers within a store allows you to monitor which new product releases or marketing initiatives are driving the most customer traffic through your doors. This data also allows you to identify how many staff members are needed on the shop floor at any one time, it really is smart retail..

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