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IoT in agriculture

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Transforming agriculture with smart farming IoT solutions

IoT in farming is helping to inform farmers decisions on the future of their livestock, crops and machinery. Using sensors to collect and analyse data, we’re able to influence yields and efficiency in a significant way. M2M agriculture is giving farmers more control over their business.

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The future of farming.

Increasing productivity and herd performance

Productivity can now be monitored, measured and analysed in a brand-new way. For example, the Indian dairy industry has turned to smart farming to improve milk yields. By utilising an Automatic Milk Collection System (AMCS), milk is weighed and analysed locally before this information is traversed to a centralised record. As a result of this setup, milk quantities and yields have increased across the country.

IoT farm security

IoT farm security

Money and time are the two most important factors when it comes to cultivating crops. Farm equipment, crops and livestock don’t come cheap. Keeping eyes on them at all times seems like an impossible task, but it is made possible with IoT-enabled surveillance systems. These systems also inform farmers of any suspicious activity, sending them alerts in real-time. The alerts are customisable too, meaning farmers can set their own parameters of what events will alert their IoT security system. You don’t want a notification every time a cow moos!

Analyse crop data remotely with IoT

Analyse crop data remotely

Planning crop rotations is dependent on multiple factors, such as weather and soil conditions. By collecting information from IoT sensors, farmers can plan the most optimal irrigation, crop rotation and harvesting times. Smart farming sensors measure specifics like soil moisture, temperature and pH levels. NB-IoT can scale up these operations, making it possible to have sensors communicating from 10km apart. LPWA network sensors are low energy and low bandwidth, with batteries that can last a decade before needing a replacement.

Smart agriculture systems

When equipment fails or gets stolen, it can put farmers yields and livelihoods at risk. With telematics and smart agriculture systems, vehicles and equipment locations can be tracked. If predefined perimeters are put in place, notifications can be triggered when a vehicle leaves a certain area. The paths that vehicles take can be mapped too, meaning the most optimal seed planting distribution and depth can be found. What’s more, with self-driving vehicles becoming a reality, it might not be long before farmers won’t even have to touch a seed. From sowing seeds to harvesting crops, the whole process is becoming more automated by the day.

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Proactive farming solutions.

IoT livestock monitoring

Farm life can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to looking after livestock. Calving is an essential, but stressful, part of looking after livestock. Mortality rates can increase if cows aren’t cared for correctly or if births are missed. Agriculture IoT can be used to detect when a pregnant cow is close to labour. Farmers are alerted of any activity in real-time, enabling them to prepare and react accordingly. IoT in agriculture allows farmers to rest knowing that they’ll be notified when their cows are ready to give birth.

Maximise your yields.

Using IoT to improve herd performance

Trying to pick out the best mix of food isn’t the most entertaining or easy task. However, IoT in agriculture is changing that! The KEENAN In-Touch system is a revolutionary new way to increase yields for farmers. It’s designed to release a great, fibre-filled feed mix that’s easily digestible by livestock. It also records all data relating to feeding, meaning farmers can analyse feed types, amounts and patterns to streamline and improve their processes.

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