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Will we soon be living in a world dominated by IoT?

The Internet of Things is arguably the fastest emerging development in technology. It’s rapidly connecting our digital and physical worlds, merging them into one. This merging of worlds is bringing a new ‘smartness’ to not only the way we do business, but the way we live our everyday lives. But how long until we live in a world dominated by IoT?

According to Ericson’s latest mobility report we‘ll be living in an IoT dominated world by 2018. That’s less than two years away! This means that the mobile phone will no longer be the most common device that we use to connect to the internet – hard to believe right? Instead it’ll be a combination of wearables and smart applications that are designed to automate many of our daily tasks.

IoT worldwide graph

As more things become connected, more opportunities will arise. Service providers, industries and cities will find and develop solutions that will revolutionise the world that we live in and the way in which we interact with it.

Here are just a few examples of how IoT is already enabling change worldwide:


A safe water supply is key to any community; without water the population wouldn’t survive, fact. Current systems that are in place to monitor the safety of water are complex, and therefore expensive. As well as this they don’t provide real-time data. This means that the ability to provide alerts and share information with stakeholders is limited.

There are currently developments in Georgia where low-cost sensors are now reporting water quality via cellular networks. This has turned a reactive monitoring process into a real-time prevention-based process that reduces costs and increases safety.


A recent ConsumerLab study showed that wearable devices that aid personal safety are highly regarded among smartphone users; things such as panic alarms and wearable location trackers were among the most popular.


Recently Tesla released a video of a fully autonomous car driving somebody from home straight to their office. Writing about this wouldn’t do this justice so here’s a link to the video.

Make sure you watch until the end to see an autonomous parallel park!

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