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IoT adoption, where are we at in 2022?

IoT devices are smart devices which connect to the internet, often via M2M SIMs that are installed within them. These devices are designed to automate a wide range of processes, simplifying our day-to-day lives. Applications of IoT devices can range from remote monitoring, to automated alerting, to tracking, and beyond.

Which countries have deployed the most IoT devices?

According to, Korea is leading the way when it comes to the deployment of IoT devices. Here is a breakdown of the top 11 IoT-enabled countries by the number of smart devices per 100 people:

  1. Korea – 37.9 devices per 100 people
  2. Denmark – 32.7 devices per 100 people
  3. Switzerland – 29 devices per 100 people
  4. United States – 24.9 devices per 100 people
  5. Netherlands – 24.7 devices per 100 people
  6. Germany – 22.4 devices per 100 people
  7. Sweden – 21.9 devices per 100 people
  8. France – 17.6 devices per 100 people
  9. Portugal – 16.2 devices per 100 people
  10. Belgium – 15.6 devices per 100 people
  11. United Kingdom – 13 devices per 100 people

These numbers are only increasing as more of us embrace connected lifestyles. Looking to the future, having 50-100 IoT-connected devices in a single home isn’t that farfetched, especially as more manufacturers develop new smart devices and technologies. We have already seen many everyday items turn to IoT – people have smart speakers in every room, a robovac, robomower, video doorbells and many more!

This is just the start of IoT adoption

Although the Internet of Things has been around for a number of years, we’re still at the very beginning of the IoT era. anticipate that there will be more than 29 billion IoT devices deployed worldwide by 2030. And with the global population expected to reach 8.6 billion in the same time frame, IoT-enabled devices will outnumber us by more than 3:1.

How will we get there?

According to, 127 new IoT devices connect to the internet for the first time every single second. And with the overall IoT market estimated to be worth in excess of £9 billion by 2025, there’s no sign that these extreme adoption levels will slow down any time soon.

Are there any Trends in that IoT growth?

Yes, as noted by, there are a number of trends emerging in the IoT marketplace that are helping to drive that growth. Here are a few key takeaways:

The future of IoT is limitless

It’s an exciting time for IoT; new smart technologies are emerging every single day, and IoT implementations are become much more innovative across the board. IoT technology is helping to improve our lifestyles and develop business as we know it.

If you need help implementing an IoT solution, get in touch today for a free consultation. And if you’ve already deployed your IoT devices and you’re looking for a better way to manage your connectivity, then check out our NOVA M2M connectivity management platform.