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Sports Injury & Rehabilitation expert – CG Injury Rehab

Calum Green is the founder and owner of Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic CG Injury Rehab. He’s always looking for ways to improve his client’s programmes and embraces technology as a growing force in his industry.

Over recent times developments in technology have boomed. The introduction of virtual reality in gaming, connected fridges and self-driving cars are all starting to embed themselves as a part of our everyday lives. But there’s one area in which technology is already prominent and having a major impact, sport; especially when it comes to preventing and treating injuries.

In order to find out how technology is being used to aid injury prevention and recovery InfiSIM spoke with founder of Newhaven based CG Injury Rehab Calum Green.

So, what does running one of the most successful independent injury recovery clinics in Newhaven actually entail; and how does technology play a part?

“Sportsmen and Women visit CG Injury Rehab when they have an injury or are feeling some unusual discomfort. From the moment they step in the door it’s down to us to decipher what the injury is. We then devise an appropriate course of rehabilitation exercises that will see them progress back to full fitness.

Technology is at the forefront of modern injury rehabilitation. For example, it allows for real-time reporting which enables us to compare data from previous sessions and make adjustments to exercises and programmes instantly. These changes can lead maximum recovery over a shorter period of time; our clients also like it as they can continuously see how their body is improving.”

The tracking of real-time data in sport is something that we’ve seen a huge rise in lately, not just when it comes to recovery, but also performance. A huge number of elite athletes are now being equipped with data tracking chips in training and competitive games.

Green believes that without technology recovering from an injury would be more difficult than it is today. “If the technology didn’t exist there would be no concrete evidence or statistics to indicate when our clients should progress through their rehabilitation programme. A greater amount of guess work would be involved, often leading to a longer recovery time.

Moving forwards I’d love to see something introduced that could provide us with some data and statistics at the earlier stages of rehabilitation; during the acute stage. This would be extremely beneficial as there isn’t anything that gives us these advantages as of right now. Having access to this technology would also help us to create an even more detailed recovery programme for our clients.”

Although Green may not get his wish in the foreseeable future, technology’s importance when it comes to injury prevention and recovery is likely to continue to grow over the next few years.

You can contact CG Injury Rehab via their website, or on social media @CGinjuryrehab.