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How can cameras and M2M improve security and protection?

Security is likely the first point of call in most industries; if your business isn’t protected, you’re going to have issues. So how can we implement M2M to enhance our security solutions? Connecting our sensors and devices to the IoT (Internet of Things) not only allows us to keep on top of security in real-time, but allows a more effective solution to keeping your business protected.

M2M and CCTV.

One of the most common security solutions implemented in a business is CCTV. Cameras allow a business to monitor external and internal areas of their location in order to deter and prevent any unlawful behaviour. However there’s a problem with standard CCTV, you can’t access your footage until after it’s been recorded – that’s where M2M comes in. Using an M2M SIM card gives your business the ability to receive real-time visual data from your security cameras, vastly improving the effectiveness of your solution. With live-data being accessible, your business can rest assured knowing security breaches can be dealt with quickly.

Another advantage of M2M in CCTV is that your cameras no longer need to be permanently fixed to a wall. This is because the camera can traverse visual data to any site you desire. This gives you the opportunity to move the camera to any angle or position you require whilst maintaining the ability to access live-visual data. This solution can be taken one step further for the likes of traffic agencies by mounting CCTV cameras to a vehicle. By doing this, real-time visual data can be received of any location or angle you could ever need.

Fleet security and protection.

There’s even a use for M2M and cameras in the fleet management industry. Although dash cams aren’t necessarily CCTV cameras, they can be extremely effective when used with M2M. By coupling a dash cam in a lorry or van with an M2M sensor, we can greatly reduce data usage of on-board cameras. Instead of your camera’s continuously recording, a sensor that monitors harsh breaking can activate the dash cam. This gives fleet management companies the ability to maintain the ability to record an incident (and still have proof of who’s liable) without recording every second the driver is in the vehicle. This not only reduces the cost of unnecessary data overhead, but helps you avoid recording hours of footage; instead you’ll only have the clips you need.

Although the above advantage of dash cams may not necessarily be security-based, it definitely is protection-based. But there are advantages of dash cams in terms of security. By coupling your dash cam up with a different M2M sensor (one that detects motion), we can activate cameras when somebody is near a vehicle. This enables fleet management companies to be notified of any security breaches of their vehicles and monitor them in real-time. As lorries and vans are often targeted by thieves at night, this application of security and M2M helps suppress crime and vandalism.

If you’d like to know more about how IoT’s changing the security and protection industry or would like to find out how our M2M solutions can help your business, give us a call on 0333 313 5005 and one of our team will be happy to help.