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M2M in sport: How is connected technology changing the way we train?

The more you train the better you’ll be; after all, practice makes perfect. For years this has been the staple vision when looking to improve in a sporting capacity. But what about this; the better you train, the better you’ll be?

Over recent years the way elite athletes train and monitor their progress has changed. This is down to the Internet of Things.

Monitoring player statistics to improve performance isn’t anything new. In fact in the 1950s Charles Reep, an accountant and RAF officer, first applied the idea of data capture in sport.

He created a system in which he recorded each player’s behaviour and actions while watching football matches. He recorded what he saw using pen and paper. Due to this it took him three months to analyse the data he collected from the 1958 World Cup final; hardly ideal when creating and tweaking individual training programmes.

Thanks to developments in technology and the introduction of M2M in sport, we’re now able to monitor a vast number of performance metrics in real-time.

Premier League football club Sunderland A.F.C are just one of many using this type of technology to monitor player performance. Their first-team sport scientist Paul Walsh says; “Within 15 minutes of training we’ve got a report upstairs to the coaching staff and the medical team. So everyone will have an idea how hard each session was for each player. That will then support decisions that are being made throughout the week.”

Sunderland A.F.C are just one of many sports teams currently using StatSports’ Viper Pod technology to improve the way their players train.

As well as tracking statistics such as distance covered, the technology can also provide data on more complex issues such as step balance. This can prove extremely valuable when it comes to preventing or treating injuries.

It’s not just the professionals who can use IoT to improve their performance; there’s a plethora of applications and wearable tech out there for the average man on the street. One of the most notable companies providing us with this technology is FitBit.

The wearable technology in FitBits‘ products links with the application on your smartphone to provide accurate data regarding your physical performance. They can also be used to track more general lifestyle statistics such as sleep and distance walked.

As we move forward the world is becoming more connected and providing us with data in all walks of life. Our fitness regimes will be more tailored, our lifestyles more comfortable and our businesses more profitable.

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