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Most innovative & interesting IoT projects of 2016

Cut costs and increase profit; that’s the consensus view when it comes to IoT projects and applications! But is that really why people get into the industry? Yes, making money is often a major incentive; however it’s rarely the sole reason people get involved in the industry.

When looking at implementing IoT it’s important to keep your profit margins in mind, but who said it can’t be fun at the same time? InfiSIM have taken at look at some of the most interesting IoT projects of late where fun definitely comes before profit.


Being able to provide a unique customer experience in retail is a major advantage. Chinese jewellery retailer Chow Sang Sang clearly understand this and have partnered with Intel and Samsung to incorporate virtual fitting stations within their stores.

The in-store virtual fitting stations combine Intel cameras with Samsung mirror screens, thus allowing customers to see themselves wearing virtual necklaces and other items of jewellery. This is a quick and convenient way of trying out accessories without having hundreds of customers holding jewellery, therefore reducing the risk of theft and damage. Chow Sang Sang’s IoT project has already sparked a huge buzz on social media.


Jukeboxes are making a comeback in the U.S, but this time there’s a twist. TouchTunes is utilising IoT to enable any user with a smartphone (and the TouchTunes app) to control their Jukeboxes and livestream any song.

Doesn’t sound so special? The real genius here is the integration of SoundHound. This technology can identify a song from just a couple of seconds of audio. As a result you can sing, or hum a song to one of these Jukeboxes and it will automatically play that song back to you. Cool right?


The world’s population of honey bees is declining, so when we consider the fact that they pollinate 70% of all plants, it’s bad news. The reason for the decrease in the bee population is due to human factors such as harmful pesticides and electromagnetic radiation.

Engineering students at the University of Cork have taken an interest in the matter and have applied Libelium’s appropriately named Waspmote application in beehives. This helps us monitor dust and chemical levels on the each bee as they enter and exit the hive. Waspmote provides real-time data that will prove what factors are leading to so many bee deaths as well as give us information that can be acted on immediately, helping us conserve honey bees once and for all.


Investigating the ocean floor is no doubt of great interest to scientific researchers; however it’s no simple (or safe) task. Now, with the developments and improved quality of M2M connectivity they’re able to explore the ocean without putting anybody in danger.

Advanced Marine Systems is now able to control its autonomous vehicles underwater using Echelon’s M2M solution – meaning they can explore the ocean floors for a longer period of time. Moving forwards it won’t be long until these solutions are being used to collect data at greater depths.

If you’ve heard of any other new and exciting IoT projects that you think may be of interest to us then we’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you’d like to know any more about the projects mentioned above then please contact us on 0333 313 5005, or drop us an email to