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Recent M2M survey

A recent survey of businesses across the UK has identified exactly what the main M2M requirements are:

The survey, which looked at decision makers involved in the early stages of M2M adoption, has revealed a list of the key factors that are considered by businesses looking to get involved in the internet of things.

At the top of the list 55% said that their main requirement was high-speed, two-way reliable connectivity. Whereas 51% revealed that high-quality data was at the top of their list of needs. Interestingly enough though, low cost was only identified by 43% of decision makers as the most important factor.

This is a marked shift in need where technology is concerned; more often than not cost is the main factor for businesses. Does this suggest just how important M2M and IoT is to businesses across the country?

At the bottom of the list, 34% said their main requirement from an M2M solution was low-power and long battery life.