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What is a static IP address and how does it differ from a dynamic IP address?

In order for any device to communicate it needs an IP address. The type of IP address that you’ll be most familiar with is an IPv4. This is a string of numbers, usually in a format like .

Every single device that connects to the internet needs an IP address and under the current format we’re limited to just 4.3 billion number combinations. Because of this limitation a static IP address doesn’t tend to be offered as standard and is only really available on specific, individually tailored connections.

What is a static IP address?

A static IP address is an IP that is manually configured for a certain device, rather than it being assigned to the device. The reason that it is called a static IP is because irrespective of where the device is, the IP address doesn’t change.

What is a dynamic IP address?

The majority of devices, (especially mobile) that connect to the internet will do so using a dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP’s can be reused multiple times or assigned to a large group of devices at the same time.

Why would you need a static IP and what are its advantages?

Most devices and their users don’t need a static IP address; this is why the majority of devices we use on a daily basis are connected via a dynamic IP. However, having a static IP it means that you’re able to:

  • Access your device from anywhere – A static IP makes it easier for you to remotely access your device.
  • Run CCTV cameras – CCTV cameras require a static IP
  • Host a website – If you want to host your own website you’ll need a static IP; otherwise it will need to be hosted on somebody else’s server.
  • Run a server – It’s not just servers that host websites that need a static IP, they all do.
  • Control your emails – Having a static IP gives you more control over your emails as you can set up your own server.
  • Make better quality calls – Voice over IP (VoIP), is essentially using the internet to make a phone call rather than a traditional phone line. These types of calls are often better when performed using a static IP.

The negatives of a static IP address

The downside to having a static IP address is that they’re often more vulnerable to hacking. However, with the industries technology constantly developing there are now a number of fantastic security solutions available to reduce the risks of hacking.

Do you need a static IP address?

If you’re unsure as to whether you require a static IP address for your device then please get in touch. InfiSIM’s team of technical experts will be able to guide you through the options; and together we’ll ensure your M2M devices get connected in the right way.

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