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How is the telematics industry harnessing the power of IoT connectivity?

The telematics industry was one of the first sectors to utilise IoT technology to increase efficiency and drive profits.

If you’re looking to use IoT for fleet management purposes, then get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We’ll take the time to fully understand the connectivity requirements of your project and support you during the implementation and maintenance of your telematics solution.

What are Telematics?

Telematics is the process of using wireless technology to connect vehicles and assets so that we can collect data for monitoring purposes. Telematics is commonly used by car manufacturers, insurance companies, fleet managers and many other businesses to monitor vehicle performance and usage in real time. The information collected can be used to improve road safety, reduce fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and more.

How do Telematics devices relay this information

M2M Telematic devices are equipped with sensors that capture key data such as asset location, fuel levels and time in motion. These IoT asset tracking systems relay this information back to a central location in real-time so that it can be analysed. In most cases, this is achieved by installing an IoT SIM card into the telematics device.

Depending on your IoT connectivity provider, these IoT SIMs may be multi-network compatible. This means that they can roam the networks to improve the reliability of your connection. Multi-network SIMs are particularly useful when your vehicles are travelling through areas where signal is often poor.

What are the challenges solved with M2M telematics devices?

What are the connectivity challenges involved with M2M Telematics, and how does InfiSIM support?

As vehicles are always on the move, signal can drop out.

All of our SIMs are unsteered, meaning they are always open to connecting to the strongest available network. This ensures your telematics devices have access to wider network coverage. This is great for the logistics and automotive industry because vehicles are always on the move – if they always connect to the most reliable networks, it means there’s significantly less chance of downtime when travelling through an area with poor reception.

Autonomous Vehicles are the future

As autonomous vehicle technology continues to advance, the use of telematics and IoT solutions within fleet management is rising significantly. This is largely due to IoT connectivity being more reliable across the globe. With more networks available on a single SIM card, and with the roll out of 5G, the future of autonomous vehicles is edging ever-closer.

InfiSIM are the perfect connectivity provider for your telematics systems

InfiSIM provide reliable connectivity to a range of automotive fleet management solution providers. If you’re thinking of deploying telematics in your organisation, get in touch today to learn how we can support you in implementing connectivity for your IoT-enabled telematics devices.

Our M2M SIM Management portal will also allow straightforward and reliable management of your SIMs.