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The applications & benefits of IoT in logistics

Logistics is one of the key industries where IoT technology is driving significant growth, all the way from fleet management to shipping and transportation. IoT is helping businesses to manage more processes and increase operational efficiencies throughout.

Benefits of IoT in logistics

There’s a wide range of benefits to deploying IoT within your organisation, whether you’re specifically a logistics business or simply utilising logistics and supply chain management to deliver your products and services.

Logistics sectors that can benefit from IoT deployment


Whether domestic or international, shipping is a large-scale venture. Sorting, package management and more can all be managed by IoT devices, enabling the accurate tracking of your products during distribution.

Fleet management

For organisations with a large number of vehicles, fleet management is a big aspect of running a business. It allows logistics departments or entire logistics companies to monitor their entire fleet in real time, ensuring drivers are meeting targets whilst also protecting their wellbeing and enabling customers to keep up to date with their deliveries.

This is even more critical when it comes to businesses that do logistics specifically as it gives them the tools to demonstrate their performance against their service level agreements.

Transportation industry

Smart transportation is a huge part of modern-day life, especially with platforms like Uber allowing users to book taxis from your mobile phone. These journeys are all monitored by IoT devices within the vehicles. This allows trips to be monitored by riders and driver managers alike, ensuring customer safety. Building trust with these IoT solutions helps boost the confidence of passengers, further improving customer satisfaction.

Types of IoT solutions you can implement in your organisation

Inventory management

Inventory monitoring delivers clear information about the status and whereabouts of your raw materials and assets on site. Identify when products are required and procure them so that they are ready for swift distribution, without wasting money on inefficient storage.

Asset tracking solutions

Monitor the location of all your items and find out the exact section within your warehouse where assets are stored – even if you have multiple locations!

Vehicle trackers

Understanding exactly where all your connected vehicles or mobile assets are, where they’re going and at what speed they’re going ensures driver safety, improved logistical efficiency, and legal compliance.

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