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IoT devices for the home

As our lives become more connected and more hectic, more and more individuals are looking to deploy IoT smart devices within their homes in order to make their lives better.

What are IoT devices?

An IoT device is a physical device that is connected to the internet and has the ability to transmit data to another IoT device. The broader term for this connectivity is referred to as the Internet of Things, these devices require IoT SIMs in order to make that connection.

What are the benefits of installing IoT devices in your home?

There are a variety of benefits someone can enjoy from installing an IoT device in their home, many of them are unique to the individual in how they improve their life but here are a few areas where we’ve seen IoT devices benefit their owner.

What are the disadvantages of having IoT devices in your home?

Like everything, some IoT devices( especially those deployed at home) do have their downsides.


If you are happy to have IoT technology that’s a couple of years old like a 1st gen smart speaker then costs can be quite reasonable, but if you’re looking for the most up-to-date tech with all the features and benefits of IoT, then this may come at a cost.


Like all tech, without sufficient security measures, IoT devices can be hacked too. Ensure your devices have the most up-to-date firmware, which will reduce the risks posed to your security. While many hackers won’t attack your devices for data, they will use them to enact acts of criminality. Learn more about IoT security.


Because there is no universal standard for IoT, you might get locked into a specific ecosystem depending on what you’re looking to achieve. For example, Philips Hue bulbs work seamlessly in a smart home but they require a network bridge to be installed in order to be operational. Cheaper smart bulbs can be installed of course, but in most cases these have to be controlled individually.

What are the most popular IoT home devices people are putting in their smart homes?

Electric Gates

Connected gates are equipped with an IoT SIM card, allowing owners to open it or close it remotely. This means drivers never have to leave their vehicle to enter their driveway. Some connected gates can also be controlled autonomously. This means that the gates open if a vehicle or fob is detected within close proximity.

What does the future of home IoT look like?

As smart home technology evolves, the cost to develop and implement IoT technology within our homes becoming more affordable. This is because the technology will be more accessible to manufacturers and the demand for smart devices is will be higher than ever before. This is compounded when smart home devices like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant allow users to adopt IoT technology at a very low entry price – smart living really is the future.