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GridDuck | NB-IoT project

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GridDuck stands at the forefront of utility management as a company specialising in IoT energy management systems. Their primary focus is on reducing energy wastage through remote monitoring, and they offer gas and water metering services across various regions, including remote and isolated areas.

The solution

GridDuck decided to implement InfiSIM’s NB-IoT SIM cards, which were specifically designed for IoT devices, including metering applications. The key reasons behind their decision included:

  • Coverage & reach:

    InfiSIM’s NB-IoT technology provided extended coverage and penetration, making it ideal for communication in remote and isolated areas.

  • Low power consumption:

    NB-IoT technology is highly power-efficient, allowing meters to operate on battery power for extended periods, reducing maintenance costs.

  • Data security:

    InfiSIM ensured the security of data transmission, crucial for the sensitive nature of utility metering data.

The results

The deployment of InfiSIM NB-IoT SIMs brought significant benefits to GridDuck and the remote areas they served:

Reliable connectivity

GridDuck now has reliable connectivity for their gas and water meters in remote areas, allowing for real-time data collection and monitoring.

Operational efficiency

The improved connectivity reduced the need for manual data collection and field visits, significantly reducing operational costs.

Extended battery life

With the low-power nature of NB-IoT technology, the meters’ battery life was extended, reducing maintenance requirements.


The solution proved to be highly scalable, allowing GridDuck to expand their services into more remote areas with confidence.


GridDuck’s decision to implement InfiSIM’s NB-IoT SIM cards for their gas and water meters in isolated areas was a resounding success. The solution not only provided reliable connectivity but also offered operational efficiency, and improved data accuracy. As a result, GridDuck was able to enhance their services and make utility management more accessible to remote and isolated communities.