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M2M & IoT solutions

Explore our extensive range of M2M and IoT services, including global multi-network connectivity, fixed IP SIM cards, SIM and device management, NB-IoT and much, much more. Empower your internet of things with a truly bespoke M2M connectivity solution designed by our business, for your business.

M2M & IoT solutions by InfiSIM

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IoT tips, news & advice

Want to stay up-to-date with the latest industry tips, news and advice? Explore the InfiSIM blog for all the information you need.

IoT data plans: Everything you need to know

16 May 2024|

Learn about various IoT data plans and how to choose the right one for seamless connectivity and optimal performance in our detailed guide.

IoT Deployment: What you need to know

7 May 2024|

Learn about best practices, key challenges, and real-world strategies for a successful IoT deployment to enhance your business operations.

Strategic IoT governance: Aligning tech & policy

29 April 2024|

Discover how strategic IoT governance aligns technology with policy to enhance security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

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