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Global M2M connectivity

Whether you have 100, 1,000 or 10,000+ IoT devices in the field, it’s important to deploy an M2M SIM card solution that is tailored to suit your unique data requirements. That’s why we do just that; we work with you to understand how your SIMs are being used and recommend the most effective and cost-efficient tariffs and solutions for your project, no matter where in the world you require connectivity.

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We understand that worldwide M2M network coverage can be critical to your business operation. That’s why our multi-carrier roaming SIMs can connect to 400+ networks across the UK and 200+ other countries. From Mexico to Malta, Canada to Cambodia, InfiSIM have all your M2M needs covered.

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Non-steered Global M2M connectivity

At InfiSIM, our multi-network roaming SIMs never default to a parent network. We provide non-steered M2M connectivity, meaning our global M2M SIM cards are open to connecting to the strongest network available in your location.

By utilising Global M2M SIM cards that can seamlessly switch between networks (without prioritising one specific primary network), you will not only benefit from faster connectivity, but from increased up-time too. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing 99.98% up-time across all the major networks.

Aggregated data pools

By aggregating your data across your SIM estate, you will have the flexibility to share data across all of your connected devices. If one of your devices is overusing data and another is under-using, they’ll both take data from the same pot. Rest knowing that the likelihood of you exceeding your data limit is far less likely with InfiSIM.

Global M2M SIM Cards - Aggregated Data

Meet NOVA; InfiSIM’s leading device and SIM management portal. NOVA gives you access to your entire M2M SIM estate, regardless of whether your SIMs are active or not. Almost any feature you wish to manipulate can be controlled in our leading IoT connectivity management platform.

Seamlessly administrate your SIMs, analyse data usage in real-time, apply cloud-based security profiles, manage and deploy usage alerts and much, much more.

Global M2M SIM management made easy with NOVA
M2M connectivity management

If you require secure and reliable two-way communications as part of your M2M solution, you may require a fixed IP SIM card. We can provision our SIMs with static/fixed IPv6 addresses, to allow for greater visibility and control over your connected devices, with complete end-to-end security and encryption.

Fixed IP SIM cards
Global M2M SIM cards with Fixed IP by InfiSIM
Nortrak | InfiSIM Testimonial

GPS tracking solutions

We are so pleased to have chosen InfiSIM as our preferred IoT SIM supplier. Managing our SIMs with our devices was of paramount importance to us, and their NOVA platform has been outstanding. InfiSIM have brilliant technical support, and a friendly, responsive team delivering a great service offering. We have no hesitation in recommending InfiSIM for your connected Business!

Antony Norton | Nortrak Ltd

Our Global M2M SIMs are available in all form factors

We have a SIM card for any IoT project. All of our machine to machine SIMs are available in 2FF, 3FF, 4FF, MFF2 and industrial grade form factors. For more information about our industrial grade SIM cards, talk to our team.

Our Global M2M & IoT SIM cards are available in different form factors

Unsure whether a global M2M solution will work for you?

At InfiSIM we believe that in order for you to get the most out of your trial, you need a SIM that is fit for purpose. That’s why unlike other M2M providers, we won’t send you a generic SIM with a pre-loaded tariff; we’ll work with you to tailor the perfect trial SIM for your unique solution, just like we do with any new project.

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