What are the main benefits of IoT in healthcare?

The Internet of Things is redefining healthcare as we know it. We’re moving on to a whole new level when it comes to the way that apps, devices and people interact when delivering healthcare solutions. IoT has given us a fresh outlook as new tools that accommodate an integrated healthcare network, subsequently the care that is provided is of a higher standard.

The use of IoT in healthcare allows for the automation of processes that have previously taken time; these processes previously allowed human error. For example, nowadays many hospitals use connected devices to control the airflow and temperature in operating theatres.

The advantages of IoT in healthcare are seemingly endless, but here’s just a few of the major benefits:

Reduced Errors – IoT allows for the accurate collection of data, automated workflows and minimised waste, but most importantly it reduces the risk of error.

Decreased costs – With IoT, patient monitoring can be done in real-time, drastically cutting down the need for doctors going out and making visits.  Connected home care facilities will also help reduce hospital stays and re-admissions.

Better patient experience – A connected healthcare system creates an environment that meets each patient’s needs. Dedicated procedures, enhanced treatment options and improved diagnosis accuracy make for a better patient experience.

Improved disease management – With real-time data healthcare providers can continuously monitor patients. This means that they can spot any disease before it spreads and becomes serious.

Homecare– M2M allows patients to be monitored in the comfort of their own homes. Sensors are installed onto various pieces of medical apparatus (e.g. heart rate monitors) by the bedside of a patient. The data gathered is sent to the hospital where a qualified member of staff analyses it for any abnormalities.

The developments of IoT have the potential to really revolutionise healthcare in a positive way. However we must be careful. Health data is sensitive and if it’s shared inappropriately or misused has the potential to damage people’s privacy. Ensuring hospitals have secure and manageable infrastructure is essential in the healthcare sector.

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